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Although I have never published a game myself, I did create a number of game/app prototypes. Some of them are on more experimental platforms such as VR and Kinect, and others are on mobile/PC. In 2017 summer, I interned at Insomniac Games and worked on the Spiderman PS4 title. Super thrilled to see it being featured in E3 this year!

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VR Rehearsal

VR Rehearsal is a semester-long virtual reality project. The target audience is the general public lacking confidence about upcoming presentations. The project introduces an innovative method of practicing presentation by which users are able to self-improve presentation skill conveniently with their mobile devices. 

VR Rehearsal provides multiple environments with virtual audience and slides import support. Users are able to customize the environment for various practice needs such as number of audience and space. By embracing low-cost mobile head-mounted display devices, we expect VR Rehearsal to be more accessible to users.

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Again & again

Again & Again is a small but fun game made during Global Game Jam 2016. Every 10 years, an evil monster arises in the forest, and the people of your village send a great warrior to fight it. This year is your year. You are joined by your past ancestors who have fought the monster as well. Play the game over multiple generations, and fight with recordings of your past selves. You can also plant trees in one generation, to protect you in the next. The monster might be too strong for one person to fight alone, but with the strength of your ancestors, you can defeat it.

Building Virtual Worlds

Building Virtual Worlds is a course at Entertainment Technology Center, CMU. Students are assigned to different teams to rapidly prototype games on various platforms in limited time. These are some of my works in the entire 12 weeks.

Great Battle 大戦鬥

Cooperation, impact, and escalation: These are the keywords of Great Battle, a Kinect 2 based action game. Imaging you are having a good time playing arcade with you friends. The whole game design is a boss fight with different stages. Each of you controls one half of the robot to fight the monster. What’s more, both of you have to synchronize your moves. Meanwhile, you need to cooperate with one another to make certain poses in order to release your special skills. Cooperate with each other to survive the more and more intense battle, and bring the victory.

Punk Rising

Unleash the power of music to free the dystopia city! Punk Rising is an action game using Oculus Rift as display device and guitar hero controller as input device. The player is the only hero that will bring freedom and passion back to this dull world by his guitar. By inspiring numb citizens, the hero gains support from them and leads a parade. To continue the journey, the hero has to defeat the evil force by strumming his magical guitar.  Finally, the hero reaches the top of broadcast tower and liberate the entire city.

Doot Doot Cat

DOOT DOOT! Doot Doot Cat is a cute, fun vertical scroller game that utilizes the latest Myo armband as input device. Player controls Doot Doot Cat by fanning upwards to either direction with the armband. To pass the level, player has to defeat evil dogs by stepping on them to break their balloons. Furthermore, player can gather power-ups to trigger special shockwave attack to bomb the whole screen! Finally, Doot Doot Cat will reach the top of the level and meet his banc members, forming a cat band to celebrate the victory! 

Space Escape

Help the tiny robot to escape from a collapsing space station in deep, black space. Space Escape is a 3D Sci-fi puzzle-solver that combines movable floating platforms and path-finding as its mechanic. To rescue your robot friend, you need to manipulate the position of platforms so they form a accessible path to the exit. The robot will follow the path you create for it -- the only hope no matter it leads to life, or death. The game uses Oculus Rift and PS Move to enhance immersive experience.


Grabbit! is one of my early (and somehow naive) attempts on game development. The game is a 2v2 competitive platformer. Each team of hunters tries to grab the rabbit and bring it to their respective bases, yet in the meantime has to prevent attack from the other team. Every hunter is armed with a hook, which can be both used on the rabbit and enemy players.

The game was written completely in Lua, and developed using LÖVE, a light-weighted 2D game engine.

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